Kansas City, a gem of the Midwest

It had occurred to me while along this adventure to call my friend Jen, whom I had connected with on the magical black sand beach in Hawaii. Where we were all students of the power this magical island held, teaching us the ways to live harmoniously, aligned and sustainably.
On this powerful, mystical island, we would discuss something and within minutes to hours the object of our focus would somehow present itself. We were a powerful conduit for creating and abundance. Hawaii would generously give of herself to us with foods and the lushness of her lands. We would pick avocados and coconuts off the trees to take to the beach, and delve into transformative conversations that took us deep down the rabbit hole.
It was happy, bubbly, conscious living with the elements.

What a more suiting person to visit on this trip, someone I learned so much from,
a loving, vibrant light that helped me to become more conscious.

I knew that Jen lived in Kansas city, Missouri, which is on our way out west. I put it out there to her that we would be coming that way.

Come, you can stay here, she told me


Kansas city is a hidden gem in the midwest, not a place I would think to come to. I am really glad we stopped here. The city has an older charm to it and an open friendliness to the people we have come across, a laid back, slower pace is felt here. An ease of sorts.

First priority today was yoga. After sitting in the car for 2 days, my body was in dire need of a good workout. Bikram was calling me, getting a workout while also detoxing through sweating is so perfect to unwind.
Finding a studio was simple and the class was more challenging than some I have taken. A smaller class size with a teacher who pushed us to our limits, not so much guiding, as counting and having us hold the poses as he counted.
Exactly what I needed.

So here I am, sitting in a homey, brick enclosed room in Blue Bird Bistro.
We just ate an incredibly natural, nourishing meal. After traveling for a couple of days and eating more dried foods, nuts and fruit, it’s a comfort to eat fresh.
This gem in and of itself is impressive with the local, organic produce including fresh and local dairy and meats.
Amazing, I think to myself.
Their breakfast/lunch dishes contain delectable varieties of cheese, stuffed chicken, shephard pies, fresh eggs, greens, sweet potatoes, vegetables and curry.
Our first thing of course was coffee, all organic up in here, and the cream is fresh from a local farmer.
To eat, we ordered a baked stuffed sweet potato with sauteed veggies and a black bean, carmelized onion and feta tortilla wrap. The taste was exquisite and my heart is singing with the feeling of eating well.
Eating like this every meal, would be a pleasure beyond measure.

Darrin and I are venturing out tonight in this city that I have formed a fondness for. We will see what it has to offer with its artistic nightlife. Jen no doubt will show us a good time, as is her nature.

Until then, here’s to local charm.



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