Dream, Play, Laugh and Create

Be who YOU are, not who the WORLD wants you to be.
And for a rundown of my lowdown let me debrief.

Over the past few months I’ve been intro-, extro-, retro- reflective, respectively. Physically and mentally asserting passages to create a new learning curve for myself, which I’ll elaborate on in a future post. This has caused many breakthroughs about the woman I am, the girl I was and still love, most importantly what I’m creating myself to be.

Fortified with the realization that this is on rise of building a new model of definition of success for myself.

Right now, I feel supported to create a world around me that reflects my inner vision of what I wish to see. To me this means remembering not to take life so seriously and sticking up for what I believe in a way that creates fun, excitement and ease.

Growing up in the most youthful way with structured spontaneity spontaneously structuring. I’m reflecting on the emergence of an excitement that seemed fleeting, evading me since I’d been so heady with thoughts and caring about frivolity that doesn’t have as much meaning now.

I have undertaken redefining success for my life and have come to the conclusion that success without love, passion, excitement and fun is not success to me. The modern model of success is missing heart and the ability to have youthful expression of silliness, innocence and spontaneity. I don’t buy into it and actually think it feels antiquated.

I have been inspired and challenged to push through my blockades in ways I’ve never faced before, connecting to parts of myself that have lain dormant until recently.
I contribute much of this growth to being pushed out of my comfort zone into movement and action and most importantly being surrounded by a loving family and community that is an inspirational structure to create my life into being.

So let me present you with thoughts I’ve pondered.

The societal expectations from childhood and up build into this thing called becoming an “adult”. Which in our current world can be so serious and dry at times.
As we age we enter established structures of education and peer groups. In them we’re conditioned to restructure our expressions, quieting them, turning off the imagination in place of distraction and attainment, shutting down our child’s mind. Devoid of the playfulness and dreamlands that captures childlike innocence it can feel like we’re working within a huge machine of a system. A life of doing what is needed from society in place of reference to who and what we are, or to be, within the hierarchy.

Ok, understood, I get it. The structure has value and I applaud it for the many years it has provided comfort and security for those whom it has. Yet, I truly believe a new structure is coming into place, one written by our future and not our past. To me climbing for capital gain and attainment, with the goal to hopefully capture the childlike excitement again is a paradoxical, boring cycle
With so much value placed on attaining and gaining I pose the question again, where is true happiness found?

Mine is in expression of loving life, who I am and those around me, excitedly. With comforts being met, it’s also important to me to be a caring, loving person to those around me. Manifesting beauty, harmony and joy on the physical plane.


Dreaming and Playing:

In becoming an adult I think the most important aspect to remember is our inner child and nurture it into play again.
Underneath the aging that has occurred a part of that child is within us all. In fantastical places creating worlds upon worlds of imaginative dreamlands.

And why not?

Quintessentially the inner artist is an aspect of the inner child.
Let go of the expectations of your adult life for a moment and think about what you wanted to be as a child, is that still a part of your living dream?

The heart resides in innocence and fun.
While I’m an adult, I’ve also learned to nurture my inner child, lending to me tremendously through transformative periods. I strive to be in laughter and wonder when setbacks come up.
Coming into the excitement and playfulness with children, like a child, is where living takes on a new experience. Loving life is innocent, in the moment, present and aware with just being and experiencing what is, here and now.
Children in their dreamlands and imaginations don’t care about judgement, they imagine and create.
Hearing children laugh and play liberates my inner child to let go of the dry conditions of what can become my adult world. Promoting learning, creativity, playing, singing, dancing, being silly and inquisitive to a world that I see with child’s eyes that were asleep for some time.

My request from you is to let your inner child out, it will cause youthful expression.
Do what it is that brings up the exuberance you know yourself to be childlike with. Have fun with life in a way that inspires your youthful heart’s desire. Play on the swings, skip, laugh, be playful, create, paint, dance, make up imaginary worlds free of judgement that infiltrates adult living. If people take you seriously than that’s their issue, not yours. There is nothing wrong with being a creative mindscape to imagine from, the imagination at work is beyond comprehension of realms we live in.

Where do you think our most creative pieces and brilliant inventions came from?

Where is your inner child now?


Break Free

My inner child is coming through

she would like to say to




“You take yourselves WAY too seriously

I see………

see through

underneath the hardness and ego,

therein lies an innocence and wonder

strip your masks away and come play

come frolic with me in the magic of the world.

Revel in the pleasure and beauty

come laugh, dance, sing, skip and jump

be blissful, delightful in every day, every way

be a princess, fairy, queen, angel, prince, elf, king, hero.

be your hearts desire on the stage of the world.”

In a world so fear saturated
it can be a daunting task
as we all have our swords drawn
waiting to attack or be attacked.


I would like to pose these questions

What defines you?

Is that who you are?

are you your bank account, your career, your car, your friends, your house, your status, your religion?


you are not what you know, where you went to school, what you have, who you hang out with, your past, your future.
You are not what you look like, what kind of clothes you wear or how much money you spend.
you are not where you live, what you listen to, what you watch on tv, what you quote, what you have learned.
how cool you think you are
how great you want to be
how exclusive and different
YOU are not even your story.

Step outside of everything you identify yourself with for a minute,
just try it beyond your reservations and withholdings.

how does letting go of all of that, even for an instant, feel?

what I want to know is

where are you when time stands still?

when you feel the connection to all of life?

when you are feeling limitless, all encompassing and in this moment?


are so much more and yet much simpler.


unravel all the outward identifying definitions of self and you are left with


underneath all of the materialistic defining sources


an essence
a space
a beautiful light
more exquisite than you can comprehend.

a vulnerable, sensitive space of no time
a place that exists beyond labels and generalizations,
an individual light of the same source.
that source being a force
of knowing and love
of stillness and acceptance
buried underneath
same same but different

from me

trust me
I know, feel, see, understand it.

that, my friend,

is the real


The question becomes
how can we collectively strip off these masks and truly understand and embrace the inter-connectedness to one another?

before its too late?

before our race self-destructs?

a vicious, voracious cycle we as humans are in.

superficiality, inferiority, superiority, group us-vs them mentality, power dynamics, exclusivity, elitism, hierarchies are all forms of fear and separation (insecurity)
keeping us locked in our shell and mentality,
judging what is different, instead of embracing what is similar.
feeling superior because we fear being inferior
power-playing outwardly to feel powerful
all the while
the power-source is within.

gossip, criticism, judgement, anger, hatred, ostracization, blame, vindication, separation,
are all part of this fear paradigm.

and fear will keep us imprisoned forever if we allow it.

I don’t care what your judgements, fears and insecurities are
I will accept you for you
I will always think of you as equal
I will try to be in a space of encouraging you for who you are
shadow and light.

I understand

We are humans
with our own emotions and insecurities,
all on our individual paths,
no one right way or one right truth
billions of micro truths, ways and beings
in owning our truth we become sovereign.

what do you feel, what is your passion, how are you the way you are……

without ego?

break free with me
love, love, love, love, love,
is the only space worthy of being,
for love is the key
and will get us through any and everything.

come from that place, show me your realness,
in my opinion
that is the most beautiful you can be
I appreciate you for the light that is underneath all of the fabrications resulting from a plastic, ego-driven, fear-based society.

it is all within




I am learning to love my space within
of unlimited potential,to do, experience and be
in the now
It is all I have and am,
this moment.
all I wish is to be loved and accepted through my guards, fears and fallacies.
Allowing my inner light to shine brilliantly.