Moment to Moment


And think about Right Now.

Add a little awareness to the moment, see if that moment can expand, expansion and enjoyment of the moment at hand, is truly all that can be had.

Right Now.

At times it seems happiness can only be once there is attainment of a certain something.

Our society is one that places materialistic urges above the here and now.
The thought that:
Once I buy this, attain a certain something, is not the key to happiness.
Seeking and searching, looking to the future, being nostalgically in the past will not create joy either.

Of course, set your sights high, reach for the stars, but remember you are here, now.

Joy is within, in every moment, it is only a matter of being present to it.
A choice of here and now, or not.
Relishing what is occurring, while savoring the moment, can help to feel bliss and pleasure in the present.

The spontaneity and surprises in life are what truly keep me striving.
I think to myself, 10 years ago would I have ever expected or planned for my life to have taken the route it has?
Would I have it any other way.
Absolutely not.

I ponder upon how my dreaming mind can be let down at times when I have expected outcomes to come to fruition, when they aren’t the way I expect,
I feel disappointment.

That my dears, is the catch.

Expectations can propel one forward, yet, when we are attached to those expectations they can also damper one’s bliss when not met.

When one is expecting from life, situations, self and others and it doesn’t come through, an array of negative emotions can be felt.

How are you going to react when life is not what was anticipated?

Maybe it was missed expectations.

Allow yourself to feel whatever the feelings of the missed expectation are, understand where it stems from and come back into bliss.

Life is not always going to be what is expected or desired, but that should not detract from your joy. Instead allow perceived flaws to strengthen you in the moment,

and be grateful for what is,

Right Now.

It’s in the receiving of our wishes that we can tend to get lost,

sometimes the unexpected journey is the best part.

It is always a choice how you are feeling, and choosing moment to moment will allow you to choose the moment, rather than let the moment choose you.

Choice = Empowerment.

Let go of expectations for what you want now to be, and let now show you what it’s meant to be.

There is no other time than now to be happy and happiness is not found in what is not, it is found in loving and enjoying what is.

Where is your happiness in this moment?


Spiritual Philosophy


Like a musical score this is about to pick up the frequency, where as before it was longer and slower, now it is becoming shorter, more frequent and sweet.
I am about to take you in a completely different direction than where we have been.
Through my worlds of creating my spiritual philosophy, one that has been sanctioned from stepping outside of religion with non- adherence to any one tradition.

My life has been one of turbulence at times, yet, my spirit has been strengthened through owning my experiences. What has allowed me to reach my highest potential has been creating my own tradition; arising from an evolving form of mixing and merging what feels right for me. I blend different cultures, philosophies and creeds to suit my individual needs, looking within mentally, physically,emotionally and spiritually. Always guided by my heart.

This has been developing for me since I was 11, when I was introduced to the concept of the universe, soul questioning and delving into realms of the unknown, spiritually and philosophically.

My philosophy encourages finding love in every aspect of life. Radiating from this place is what I am always striving to achieve. Realizing in every moment I am exactly where I need to be.

I believe that we create the meaning of life, it seems that the meaning is taken so SERIOUSLY in our world. My goal is for my reality to be light, loving, happy, magical and easy, so as to enjoy life freely.

I like to make my tradition playful for me, while watching my life powerfully come into action with gratitude, excitement and abundance.
Inner joy being a purpose in my life, life is a game I wish to have fun with.

If there is God, a Force, Universe, whatever you desire to call it, I believe that source is something that should set one free.
My co-creation of life with this expression becoming an artistic endeavor in every moment. Reality becoming living, moving, breathing, creating the art of being.

Purpose and Dream Creating

If you so desire to come along, I will be going over a diverse range of topics. Ever evolving, I have come to find  well being and ease through learning varying perceptions and techniques that hold truth for me.

An outward and inward state of being; I am a living conscious universe, while living within a living, conscious universe

and so it goes…