Monsanto and Bees Disappearing

Actions have consequences. Call it what you will, Karma or Newton’s third law of motion: For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

“Professor Einstein, the learned scientist, once calculated that if all bees disappeared off the earth, four years later all humans would also have disappeared.”
Abeilles et fleurs, June, 1965.

This quote was posited before genetically modified (GM) foods and pesticides infiltrated our food supply.



Monsanto, a major biotech company, along with other companies have created a worldwide monopoly on our food supply. I don’t think we can possibly estimate the pernicious effect the pesticides and foods present to our planet. While certain factions of our world may wish to be immune to GM foods, if this monopolization continues everyone will inevitably be affected.

Genetically modifying foods occurs through engineering the DNA expression and altering the genetic makeup of the seeds, creating a new unnatural strain of plant. This is sometimes done with inserting a virus into the DNA to change the structure. Numerous food sources have become modified and patented, including, but not limited to corn (field and sweet), wheat, soybeans, cotton, canola, alfalfa, sugar beets, papaya and squash. These newly created plants are then the property of Monsanto. It’s debatable as to how healthy GM foods are and the long-term effects they can have to the human genome. “Modifying one segment of DNA does not have a single direct result; instead it can cause a spiraling effect of unintended consequences”

In places worldwide, including the US and Canada, farms that have natural and heirloom seeds have been taken over by GM production. If a Monsanto seed is found on a viable farm that is organic or not Monsanto’s, by right of their patent they sue the farmer and take over the farm’s production. There are also accusations that its patented seeds are to blame for a rise in suicides, over 290,000 within 20 years, in India, by farmers whose farms were confiscated by Monsanto. In Argentina they yield mass GM soy crops, which are sprayed heavily with pesticides. In the surrounding areas of these soy fields there are high statistics of disease and deformities in human births.

Here is a little laundry list of products Monsanto makes

Bovine Growth Hormone
Agent Orange/Dioxin
Hydrogenated Vegetable Shortening


Honeybees found dying in our backyard.  Los Angeles.
Honeybees found dying in our backyard 😦

It’s well known that our population is rising and world hunger is a huge issue, yet there are healthier ways to yield food production. Under the façade of solving world hunger and being sustainable, Monsanto’s profit driven scheme is counterproductively causing damage to our earth. In the past 30 years there has been a dramatic decline in honeybee colonies in America, Europe and Asia. This epidemic is termed “Colony Collapse Disorder”.

These tiny creatures are exceptionally important pollinators and colony builders, highly intelligent, eloquent conductors, stringing our biosphere together. Our natural ecosystem is completely reliant upon their pollination and their magnificent work feeds everything from plants, insects, reptilians to animals and us. If we lose the bees, we lose our natural ecosystem.

Roundup, one of Monsanto’s most well known pesticides was created in the 1970’s. Introduced into the US food supply was their “Roundup Ready” glyphosate-resistant modified seeds. Since then Roundup has been sprayed massively “A report by the organic center shows that farmers applied an additional 318 million pounds of pesticides in the first 13 years GM crops were grown in the US” Research shows that exposure to a particular class of pesticides, neonicotinoids, causes an increase in Nosema virus in honeybee colonies.

“Neonicotinoid pesticides kill bees. In the US, 90% of corn is treated with neonicotinoids. 88% of Corn is GM. Monsanto controls 80% of GM corn. Monsanto promotes Acceleron as a designer seed treatment for its GM products – Corn, Soy, and Cotton. Acceleron contains neonicotinoids (imidacloprid and Bayer’s clothianadin (Poncho/Votivo)) and a fungicide – both culprits in Collony Collapse Disorder.”

Systemic pesticides, created for the patented GM foods, are applied directly to the soil and leaves and deliver the neonicotinoids to the bees. Even further, in 2007 a new class of fungicide was introduced as a growth enhancer to the corn production, corn being a major source of food for the bees. Synergizing with neonicotinoids this increased the toxicity up to 1,000 times to the honeybees.

“Clothianidin entered the U.S. market under conditional registration in 2003, and in 2004 corn seed companies began marketing seeds treated with a 5X level of neonicotinoids (1.25 mg/seed vs. .25).”

Inductive reasoning leads one to believe that the bees disappearing and contracting Nosema virus has to do with fungicides and pesticides being sprayed on GM seeds, especially corn, in sub-lethal doses.

If the bees continue to decline it is a domino effect that will be paramount in ways I don’t think we can fathom. We are failing as the guardians of our earth if we let this continue. This is an alarm going off, one that must be heard.
This is a crime not only against humanity but upon all prevailing earthlings. A heavy subject, yet if not addressed and rectified the ramifications could be earth shattering.

If the bees are dying from this massive onset of pesticides, how is it affecting us?

Why is this ok?

What can be done?



Food Sources

Agriculture and farming are within the evolution of our DNA, most of humanity’s lineage comes from farmers. Many of us have forgotten this fundamentally integral part of our nature. We seem to be in a predicament with the foods we are ingesting and distributing in our country.
How heavily we rely on outsourcing for our food supply is one of the contributors of the high price of food and more importantly disease.
We are taking in so many chemicals, due to mass production farming, furthermore the soil that our food is planted on is in many cases nutrient deficient. Not only are we taking in these chemicals, we are also not receiving the proper nutrients for our bodies in order to process these chemicals.
Researchers are finding that aluminum toxicity within our soil is in excess and reducing the availability of other important elements. It is causing our soil to be acidic, acidity is where disease stems from within the body.
We are products of mass marketing and consumerism, faster, quicker, more, more, more. Especially with our food sources. Many are eating processed foods, that have slim to no nutrients in them, eating at places like McDonald’s thinking a chicken sandwich is healthier.
Where is that chicken coming from?
Others are drinking beverages like Diet Coke, thinking “Diet” is somehow healthier, not realizing the disturbing effects that it has on the body.
Aspartame is a poison, do your research on it.


In Britain, The BMA (equivalent to AMA) called an outright banning of GMO foods, and labeling the same in countries where they still exist, this was due to people standing up to it.
Sadly in this country, we aren’t even informed about it.
Monsanto, the giant behind this movement is and will keep pushing for it to be kept under our noses, without us being informed of the side effects that GMO products are causing.
On a daily basis, by the millions, we are consuming GMO products,
and we are completely oblivious.
In our country, most of our corn and wheat products are genetically modified unless it specifies organic. I think this is one of the main contributors to the rise in gluten and wheat allergies. Genetically modified hybrids are injected with viruses to alter their DNA structure, our bodies way of fighting this is in causing an allergic reaction to these viruses.

Did you know that Monsanto is also the producer of the largest pesticide, Roundup, and that the GMO seeds are designed to withstand and grow under the spraying of Roundup and other Monsanto pesticides.

Do you think that is normal?

More so, do you think that is healthy and something that you want to ingest?

I don’t.

It is now more difficult to find non-GMO seeds, and purchase organic seeds due to Monsanto’s monopoly on the seed market. If there are GMO’s found growing on a non- GMO farmers property…
Guess what?
Huge lawsuit, usually ending where Monsanto states that the farmer has been stealing their patent on that seed, claiming rights over the whole farm. This is happening all over the world, in India it has caused the rate of suicide to rise in the farmer population.

This information has caused me to alter my eating habits, becoming much more conscious of what I buy and consume. I try to be aware of where my food comes from, and how it is processed. I always read labels of what I am purchasing, straying from the more chemically laden foods.
It is not genetically modified and is 80%-300% more nutrient dense, allowing my body to absorb more nutrients, gaining more energy from what I eat, over time leaving me feeling less hungry.
We do not know the long-term effects of ingesting pesticides and herbicides, and I would rather spend the extra money on ensuring I am healthy and feeding my body what it deserves. After all, I only have one, and I want it to be radiant and flourishing for a long time.
We spend millions on the daily with other needless consumptions, why not on what will support us?
The way that I eat has a DIRECT effect on the way that I feel.
In changing my diet, I feel more beautiful, and it stems from within. I think true beauty is a result of how we nurture our temples.
Other than my occasional indulgences, I have cut out sugars, MSG, alcohol, gluten, dairy and most processed foods. I find that when I do eat sugar or wheat, it makes me feel sluggish, fatigued, foggy and irritable. In listening to my body, I have found that it doesn’t like these food sources.
I still have organic vegetarian fed eggs and free-range chicken, but have cut red meats out of my diet. It is important to me to eat free-range chicken as I do not want to ingest the hormones that are pumped into factory-farmed animals. The feed that non free range animals are given, are hormones and our favorite…..GM foods……
Yes this includes McDonalds.

I try to eat as much raw foods as possible, cooking food causes it to lose the electrons, which is a major source of energy for the body. When I eat raw, I feel more clarity, more energy, more vibrantly me.
Also, juicing is an unparalleled form for obtaining nutrients, it leaves me feeling ALIVE.
We are what we eat in every sense.

I worked on an organic farm for a summer in New Mexico, and doing so helped me to acknowledge pertinent information about food and the farming community, information that I may not have gained if it weren’t for the opportunity. (Thank you B and N ; )
It is in my opinion that everyone learn how to grow their own food source or buy local, so as to not rely on a corporation for our most basic of needs. My dream is where every human has access to their own food source, implementing systems and communities of sustainable farming and food forests. Utilizing unused land, rooftops and backyards for this purpose.

Why isn’t that taught in school?

Food for thought….