Power of The People

The power of the people is the power of humanity.

Believing in this power will be the solutions to our current tragedies and system.
WE are humanity, we are the people, it is up to us to break these chains of fear and separation within the whole of our race. The answers to our problems will be found in an understanding of the whole. Consciousness shall pervade, awareness is key, creating a new system causes the fall of the old paradigm.

This setup will not come from the current structure in place.

It will take a break from all the beliefs we have known throughout our lives. Questioning and undermining the collective conditions that are in place. Throwing that which does not serve humanity’s highest away in place of harmony, unity, love, acceptance, tolerance and building together.

Hard concept to grasp?

These are the tenets preached in most major religions, what has happened?

It is time to stand up for one another, fellow human. Unified in our common bond, we shall supersede this system that is leaving so many without hope, without love, without basic survival necessities. So many feel lack, loss and unhappiness, while the 1% is at the top, making billions off of our efforts, dirt and sweat.

The corporations and banks that run our world are concerned about monetary gain. Caring about the people that supports them is absent in our capitalistic and competitive system. With the hierarchy employee/employer dynamic, this triangular structure leaves each person below another disempowered.

When a man is found dead at his desk for five days, that is a symptom of our uncaring system.

In a world FOR the people, the corporations would give people say over the choices they make. Their aims would be for the highest good of the earth and humanity.
Such an easy concept, why isn’t it seen?

Here is a question I would like to ask.

How can we deal to another, what we would not want to be dealt?
While an easily forgotten question, being happy and placated here in our safe bubble of a world.
This bubble is quickly popping.

Treat one another the way we would like to be treated… sounds easy, look at the state our world is in. In the name of capital gain; greed, control, discipline, fear and ravaging our world are the tenets of this establishment.
We collectively treat others the way we would never desire to be treated. Whether it is working conditions that are appalling, to the many forms of discipline and punishment.

These are topics I will get into in much more detail down the road. For now, scratching the surface in question.

Discipline and punishment are archaic values in our system.
Discipline is a form of control, boxing in behavior to fit a societal mold. When that mold is not met, there are elements of judgement and punishment.
The fear of punishment and its many forms, including estrangement and rejection are factors in every human’s manner within this system.
We wonder why there are so many f-ed up things happening on our planet. The more this discipline is felt, the more people are retaliating within their personal lives and families.

Whether it is a woman being lashed for driving in Saudi Arabia, to a child being labeled ADD in an education system, to keeping up with the Jones’s in our American competition.
Discipline/punishment only perpetuates self-righteous thinking of “knowing best” for another. Essentially it disempowers self-sovereignty. While giving room to “correcting” what is “wrong”, creating abuse and punishment.

Our archaic competitive establishment will transform.  There are more peaceful ways to work through our issues.

How can we create a setup that provides and treats the whole?

It is time to heal our tragedies so that we can start working together.

Healing the whole calls for tolerance and allowing us to process what is lodged within our DNA and race for millenia, individually and collectively.

We say we want change. Changing the world starts within each one of us. Transforming our every interaction, thoughts, words and deeds towards our fellow human. Pushing through our barricades of ego and fear, into acceptance and love.

To create a society of self-fulfilled people. The aims being one’s personal derivation of creativity, love and happiness, whatever that individually means. Children, elders and everyone along the spectrum, being treated with honor, respect and appreciation.

Can you imagine a world such as this?



10 thoughts on “Power of The People

  1. I would like to ask you something but I can’t find a contact/feedback box on your blog here – would you please contact me via my contact box?
    Maria xx


  2. Nice blog. I totally agree with you on this. The problem I come up against is the balance between being and doing. I work on myself from a perspective standpoint and become almost apathetic about doing anything. Then I feel like I have to do something or at least can’t just sit and be. The balance if there is one is difficult to find.

    I personally try to avoid using words like victim. I think it’s very important to keep in mind that we are responsible for our lives and if you put responsibility outside yourself then you also put any ability to change outside yourself.

    It seems from this blog you and I share a similar viewpoint. I get the feeling we are struggling with the similar emotions and conflicting thoughts but I could be just projecting my own condition onto you.

    Either way it was very interesting and made me think and examine some things in a way I had not before. Thanks for sharing yourself with the world.

    This is Billy from the march btw.


    1. Thank you Billy.

      I agree, I also like to take empowerment for everything that occurs within humanity. Sometimes addressing the very root of it ie. victimization, is what heals it. Examining the wounds of our society will help us to become that much more empowered in our whole. Since we are all humans here, I like to get to the nitty gritty that is lodged within our collective unconscious. Shedding light on our shadows so as to bring them up into empowerment.
      It is always within our responsibility to create change, as a whole, taking responsibility for ourselves and one another is greatly needed right now. That is what we stood for yesterday, and what a great job we did!



  3. I stumbled across this blog by accident but I have to say Im happy I did.Extremely enjoyable to read and very well articulated.Much blessings and light to you.


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