Hello Consciousness!

Right now, I am staring at a 70 ft HUMUNGOUS Brachiosaurus.
Its skeleton at least.
We are sitting in a private little set up we’ve created, music and all, in the Chicago O’hare airport, on my way to,
I am not privy to tell you yet, it’s a secret.

I will let you know when we get there.

In the meantime, I would like to expound a bit, let you in on our travels and the whirlwind we have experienced.
Even if its just in mention.

Vail, Vail,
to you we hail……
we had an incredible time visiting you and your breathtaking views. You are a sight to behold, we were held spellbound by your snowbound beauty and had quite the time viewing your canyons, rivers, and snow-capped peaks.
In fact, we find it fascinating that there are places so beautiful, tucked away inside the Rockies, you are a breath of mountain fresh air.
You cleared our heads and grounded us in your wonders.

As for what we experienced while we were there.
Our amazing host, we’ll call him “Bobby”, provided an excellent space for us in a spacious condo right at your foothills,
I literally strolled out and trekked up the mountain, amongst the few feet of snow and pines.

Yes, some could say the attitude is rather ritzy in your lands, Vail, and we, well we made it a bit artsy that night.
Its all in perception, right?
At this restaurant, I asked for us all to have crayons, and so we started a meal of art, reveling and sharing in one everyone’s presence, while coloring what came to us.
With my fun inner child already playing,
I ordered a banana split for dinner.
Along with the real meals that were top notch,
my banana split was PERFECTO!

As for us.

Onward, Ho

It is time for us to go to where consciousness guides us.
Consciousness, awareness, higher and higher.
completely guided by source.
Call it intuition or higher knowing, whatever it is it flows through, urging and guiding into where is needed to be.
Not in a plan, because it seems within this everflowing current, things are continually shifting. We have surrendered to the power of it, and what would seem impossible to get done within two days, we managed without the blink of the eye.
Including getting a passport, selling a car and ALL that entails, funding, purchasing tickets, organizing, repacking and shipping home what wasn’t needed . Several appointments and taking care of much business.
After I had altitude sickness.
A whirlwind, like I said.
We loved and appreciated every moment of being in Colorado.



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