Hello Consciousness!

Right now, I am staring at a 70 ft HUMUNGOUS Brachiosaurus.
Its skeleton at least.
We are sitting in a private little set up we’ve created, music and all, in the Chicago O’hare airport, on my way to,
I am not privy to tell you yet, it’s a secret.

I will let you know when we get there.

In the meantime, I would like to expound a bit, let you in on our travels and the whirlwind we have experienced.
Even if its just in mention.

Vail, Vail,
to you we hail……
we had an incredible time visiting you and your breathtaking views. You are a sight to behold, we were held spellbound by your snowbound beauty and had quite the time viewing your canyons, rivers, and snow-capped peaks.
In fact, we find it fascinating that there are places so beautiful, tucked away inside the Rockies, you are a breath of mountain fresh air.
You cleared our heads and grounded us in your wonders.

As for what we experienced while we were there.
Our amazing host, we’ll call him “Bobby”, provided an excellent space for us in a spacious condo right at your foothills,
I literally strolled out and trekked up the mountain, amongst the few feet of snow and pines.

Yes, some could say the attitude is rather ritzy in your lands, Vail, and we, well we made it a bit artsy that night.
Its all in perception, right?
At this restaurant, I asked for us all to have crayons, and so we started a meal of art, reveling and sharing in one everyone’s presence, while coloring what came to us.
With my fun inner child already playing,
I ordered a banana split for dinner.
Along with the real meals that were top notch,
my banana split was PERFECTO!

As for us.

Onward, Ho

It is time for us to go to where consciousness guides us.
Consciousness, awareness, higher and higher.
completely guided by source.
Call it intuition or higher knowing, whatever it is it flows through, urging and guiding into where is needed to be.
Not in a plan, because it seems within this everflowing current, things are continually shifting. We have surrendered to the power of it, and what would seem impossible to get done within two days, we managed without the blink of the eye.
Including getting a passport, selling a car and ALL that entails, funding, purchasing tickets, organizing, repacking and shipping home what wasn’t needed . Several appointments and taking care of much business.
After I had altitude sickness.
A whirlwind, like I said.
We loved and appreciated every moment of being in Colorado.



Signs and Synchronicities

I am en route right now, in the midwest, the heart of America and whatever stops may present themselves along the way. Headed to Vail, Colorado for a few weeks, to get my bearings and jet to where we are guided to from there.

Fun, lightness, adventure and communication is what is building and it almost feels too easy, but after all, it’s a dream manifestation.
We have left everything behind, sorted this adventure out in under 5 days and we are off.
Everything has lined up in an almost magical way, abundance has come to us for this journey and I know will continue to be with us.

This, is undeniably what feels right.
As much resistance as I want to place on this experience, I have to give in and trust that all will work out, as it always does.

Trusting has not always been the easiest thing for me to do.

let go, let go.

I have had my signs, synchronicities that are too uncanny not to trust in.
Reminding me of one of my favorite books, that I first read when I was 13. The Celestine Prophecy.


First stop
I knew that I had to go to this candle store in downtown Detroit, and once I arrived there, the woman who ran the store said that someone had come in earlier with a message, a prayer. She felt it was meant to give it to me. She told me that I was the only person she could trust to get it out to the world, and that the woman who came in said it was important and knew I would come in for it. That she wanted for it to be published on the internet.
I received it with gratitude and a bit of bewilderment, the fact that she entrusted me with something of the sorts.
I am not religious by any means, rather taking in the tenets of what I feel is best for me within all religions, doctrines, philosophies and ways of life.
I am about discerning truth for self.
As I was walking out another woman handed me a sheet with a seperate prayer on it.

prayers repeatedly showing up on this journey.

I am taking them as a good sign.
And that’s my truth

they speak to me of

REVERENCE for the forces that are not in our control.

We had been questioning where to go from the states. I knew that I desired to volunteer, be in the jungle, ocean and sun and also learn a valuable lesson or two. I kept having visions of Costa Rica and/or Peru, and researching avenues and organizations in both places.

Our next stop was to get coffee.
While cashing out I looked down, in front of my eyes, loudly and colorful was a sign that said:


Marketing a new coffee, with a picture of the jungle and beaches.
Not really taking this too seriously I went into the bathroom to powder my nose. While in there I was smiling to myself, laughing for what already seemed like an auspicious beginning.
In gratitude.
the lights flashed off, once ,
then again
and again.

Got it.
A sign where to go, a place I was already having visions of.

We then stopped at a gas station, and pulled up to the pump to another sign.
again staring us in the face

with coffee and beans surrounding it.

This is becoming a treasure hunt, and the treasure is in each of these magical moments. Prompting us on, giving us clues and ideas of where to head and what to do.

I had already been wanting to visit your luscious lands, I will keep you in mind along these adventures. Coffee and Central/South America seem to be a running theme here and yet, even if these signs don’t work out, something just as amazing will.

With adventuring, I don’t know every destination, but will understand the signs when needed.


The intentions are to explore, help, learn and grow, while also bringing myself and gifts to wherever it is I land.

cheers to life, and being spontaneous.


On a side note…….


I will be back from journeying to build the healing/arts/garden sanctuary I have been envisioning, bringing what I learn to you.

Bon Voyage

After a contemplative, confusing and deliberating search over the past 4 months.
I have come to some conclusions about my life,

as of recently, my main questions have been
This has been a search that has caused me and many around me much confusion.
After thinking a chosen course was going to be my life, to end up where I started in the beginning, these questions highlight my current existence.
Leading me to dreams and more dreams
I am a visioneer, and my dreaming mind has taken me far and wide recently.
From Australia to study Naturopathy
to Europe teaching english
Toronto or back to San Francisco ( I heart SF)
Wait, I love Chicago too
maybe I should study Ayurvedic medicine and Yoga in India?
A little Thai massage in Thailand????
More recently wanting to volunteer in Costa Rica and Peru
I want to do all of it

patience, I kept telling myself
the answer will come

And what the answer has appeared as, is completely different than what I thought it would be.
It came as a surprise a few days ago.
I had thought I was going to be moving to NYC to start a job that I had received while on a weekend trip. This job is good, and by all logical propriety was a step I should take.
By American societal standards.
work to live, live to work.
A city that I lived in for 5 months last year, a place of excitement, energy, passion, action, determination, culture, culture, culture,

In one of the greatest cities in the world, hands down.

First question to self

What is my vision of success?
Its definitely not working a job every day that pays the bills and keeps me going, maybe working harder and I can be in the middle upper class.

My vision of success is my level of happiness and being lead by my intuitive heart, essentially following my dreams.

Second question
Is this my dream, and will I be happy doing this?
I desire to know, without a doubt that I am always making the best choice for myself, not just what is dictated by others, or a success driven society.

The answer was

No, my dreams are much more unconventional

Traveling, writing, dancing, loving, laughing, living, being in the present and whatever it may bring.
Using the world as my school, learning tools that aren’t presented in a classroom setting, nor with a certificate behind my name. Building my life into a space supporting all of my creative endeavors and giving to all who surround me.

Hands on yo

So do I listen to logic, and what is deemed appropriate by a society in its own rigid work schedule?

have I ever ; )

as much as I would like to take this job, it wasn’t feeling right to me.

and these feelings are what I base my life around.

I am following my guidepost, and what life has presented is completely different than what I thought I would be doing.
Like I said, I try to plan, and life itself doesn’t always want to be planned, so I give up trying to dictate what is right, and instead ask to be guided and shown by this force that works through me.
This is the basis for my existence.

Dear Detroit,

Much LOVE to you


I will fill you in tomorrow with where I am, and what has already transpired.

Until then,

here is to listening to my heart.