The Flow, yo

You know you are in the flow when everything falls into place as it should, perfectly and spontaneously.
It is effortless and easy, you are guided without having to think about what “it” is,
it just is.
Without even planning the first step,
everything occurs around it.
There is an acceptance that what is occurring is meant to be.
You know, because you just know,
when you know, you are in the flow.

When these little bursts of knowing take place in the fabric of our reality, there can be signs guiding you to your path more easily.

If we as humans use only a portion of our brain, I believe there must be a pattern that we can’t yet comprehend within these “flows”. Our senses are constantly taking in much more than we are able to understand.

A leaf, can only ever be a leaf, in the leaf is the pattern of its blueprint. Whether it comes to the full potential of that blueprint is up to the tree, ground, sun and water surrounding it.

So it is for a human, we can only ever be a human in this form and lifetime. Within a human, there is a pattern a life can ultimately take. It is up to the conditions surrounding one to nurture into that potential.

Once one starts opening up to this higher potential, life will start to come more into the pattern or flow. Once in the flow, synchronicities become more apparent.


A Synchronicity happens when you think about, hear or experience something, and that something is presented yet again. Sometimes shockingly.
For instance: you thought an exact phrase, then you hear a song stating that phrase verbatim, then a friend talks about that song.


Psychologist Carl Jung’s theory states “Synchronicity is the experience of two or more events, that are apparently causally unrelated or unlikely to occur together by chance, that are observed to occur together in a meaningful manner” (1)

“Synchronistic events reveal an underlying pattern, a conceptual framework that encompasses, but is larger than, any of the systems that display the synchronicity. The suggestion of a larger framework is essential to satisfy the definition of synchronicity as originally developed by Carl Gustav Jung.” (2)

I view synchronicities as the signs, pointing the way within the flow.

How To Get Into The Flow

Gratitude is one of the most important aspects for allowing you to open up to your potential, especially when life seems not so fruitful.
Start listening to Yourself, you will understand the flow of your life more. Gaining more of a comprehension of your inner knowing.

Perhaps listening to yourself is not so easy, because what yourself says goes against what others tell you to do/be?

That is alright, ultimately, listening to yourself will guide you to your truth. You know all the answers to your life’s questions. Even if it goes against the grain.

So What?

The grain will form around you.

Go with ease, free form within the flow, the path of least resistance is the easiest place to be in. Once in you will be guided to where you need to be and what to do. Planning, order and control become obsolete, all you need to do is trust. Trusting will allow you to float on down the river of the flow.

I will elaborate more on ways to finding your truth, gratitude and being in the zone in another post, for now, let this be known ; )


1 & 2

Beauty Secrets

Here I’m giving home remedies for cultivating natural beauty from outside in. As we all know, beauty radiates and starts from within. Buffing and shining the outer, so your inner light can sparkle even brighter.

I prefer to have an au natural glow and have found some fun ingredients to play around with. Below are some of my favorite natural beauty treatments; be forewarned anti-aging may occur with use.


FYI: Sodium Laureth Sulfates and Parabens are not good for the body and should be avoided at all costs.
Natural shampoos with a pinch of Borax (12 mule team) works wonders to boost body, health and shine.

While I was in the Panamanian islands healthy conditioners were unavailable. Unknowing what to do about my hair I improvised by cutting an avocado in half and after shampooing slathered on my hair for 5 minutes.
Afterwards, my hair was extremely silky and shiny and bouncy.

To do: Cut open an overly ripe Avocado before showering. After shampooing slather on hair completely covering roots to ends. Leave on for 5 minutes or longer, you can even sleep with it on in a hair bag.
It helps moisturize, replenish and soften hair into a silky state.

Biotin (2-5 mgs) taken once a day and B vitamins helps hair grow quickly, fuller and healthy.

Natural Skin:

Natural face wash: I like to use baking soda or borax with a bit of water as a face wash. Or a natural soap with oatmeal or chamomile for sensitive skin.

Raw Apple Cider Vinegar: An amazing astringent, after the initial sting and redness cools down, skin is left healthy and glowing, with diminished breakouts.

OILS:  Oils are great moisturizers and healing for the skin.
Each oil carries a different property and will work according to skin type. My personal favorite is Coconut oil. Vitamin E and Wheatgerm help with scarring.
Olive Oil is anti-aging, mixed with Citronella oil, a great bug repellant.

Cocoa and Shea butters: Extremely moisturizing. Cocoa butter helps with stretch marks and scarring. Shea butter improves skin tone. Oils and butters can be mixed together as concoctions based on skin type and structure.

Exfoliators and Masks:

For fresh, supple and healthy skin.

Honey and sea salt: A mixture that exfoliates by sloughing off dry skin while the honey acts as an antiseptic.

Body Brush: Exfoliates skin and stimulates the lymphatic drainage system.

Yogurt (organic) mask:
Leave on for 20 minutes or more, it’s soothing to the skin while leaving it moisturized.

Castor Oil mask:
Healing and moisturizing for extremely dry, weathered skin.

Olive/Sunflower oil with sea salt & essential oil:
Natural exfoliator for whole body.

Aloe vera: Heals burns and can be used as a cooling mask.
Blend whole leaf with essential oils such as eucalyptus or mint and refrigerate.
Hydrates, heals and cools the skin.

Natural tooth paste and whitening:

I suggest toothpaste that is fluoride free. For information on fluoride dangers.
Baking soda and Hydrogen Peroxide work well as a toothpaste, and natural whitener.
A good friend introduced me to an AMAZING whitener; Activated Charcoal.
This can be sprinkled on top of toothpaste and is one of the best whiteners I have ever used.
Be careful when using, it is black powder and stains sink easily.

Bath Time

Luxurious and soothing, I create bath concoctions based on my mood.

Sea salt and Baking Soda (mineralizing)
Borax or Epsom salt (detoxing)
Lavender oil and sea salt (relax and cleanse)
Eucalyptus and sea salt(soothe and cleanse)
rose petals/ rose buds (feeling flowery)
The concoctions are endless, be creative and make one based on your mood.

Create your own pampering day:

Pick a day of the year that resonates with you. On this particular day take time to pamper yourself byindulging in your every wish and desire.
Celebrate who you are and all of your unique, amazing qualities. Write a list of your favorite things about yourself, or shop for favorite beauty items.
Dress up or down, sing in the shower,dance in sexy underwear.
Eat foods that make you feel sensual, dress in clothes that make you feel beautiful.
Do whatever your heart and beauty call you to do on this day of yours. Allow you to enjoy and celebrate feeling gorgeous in your skin.

Own the Goddess within
Like Aphrodite coming out of the sea-foam, a “goddess bath” is a sensual way to celebrate your day. Fill a bath up and sink into it as a reminder of your unique light, awakening you to your splendor.




“It’s the best high you can get naturally” (quoted from new friend on bus)

Do it at the office, do it on the train, do it while driving,
I’ve even done it while partying.

Here, my dears, we are discussing an ancient yoga technique. A quick fix to stress and anxiety.


Prana= life force
Yama= breath

I will go into more detail on meditations and visualization down the road.
The practice of discussion is alternate nostril breathing, balancing the left and right hemispheres of the brain, easily bringing one into alpha states.

This form of yoga connects to the Nadis, also known as energy channels or meridians, which also connect to the chakras.

The left channel= Ida
Represented as the feminine.
Right brain.
Cold, introverted, receptive.
Being. Associated with creativity, nurturing, empathy, emotions.
Passive, observant, intuitive and understanding.
Represented by the moon.

The right channel= Pingala
Is represented as the masculine.
Left brain.
Red, hot and extroverted.
Action. Associated with logic, language, rationality, analysis, imagery.
Enactment, planning, drive and purpose.
Represented by the sun.

Sushmuna = Center
Masculine and Feminine balanced
Enlightenment. Attainment of higher consciousness.

A guy friend and I were recently discussing our inner feminine and masculine. I was explaining to him that even though I am female, I pressure myself at times to keep going and doing, instead of being ok with “being”

We were contemplating how it can be challenging in our society to go into the yin, the passive state of observance and waiting.
In the western world, we are conditioned to be in action, instead of waiting for the notion to act.

Now, this is significant and may seem confusing, yet makes perfect sense. A bit of a paradox.

If you don’t know what to do, don’t do. Wait until the notion comes to you.
You know, when you know.
Action with knowing is more powerful than action without.
That is why meditating or breath work can be a powerful form of quieting your mind,
to hear yourself more clearly and act from your true sense of being.


Alternate nostril breathing is quite easy and one form of Pranayama. It helps balance the left and right hemispheres of the brain. If stressed, it can quickly bring you into balance. It’s simple and can be done anywhere at any time.
A test to see which side of your brain you are using:
Lick the top side of your index finger and hold it under your nose and blow. Whichever nostril is blowing more powerfully is the side of the brain you are working with.
This technique is a way to balance both sides:

Sit crossed-legged or in Lotus posture.
Close your eyes.
Hold right hand up to your nose area, in a cupping motion.
Then take a deep normal breath, inhaling, and before exhaling block the right nostril with your thumb, so that the exhale only takes place in the left nostil.
Exhale fully for 5 seconds through left nostril.
Breathe in fully for 5 seconds through left nostril.

Switch finger placement before exhale so that the left nostril is covered by pinkie finger.
Exhale for 5 seconds fully out of the right nostril.
Inhale for 5 seconds fully through right nostril.

Switch finger placement again so that you exhale through left, in through left. Continue to alternate for at minimum 2 minutes up to an hour.

I like to visualize light coming through each breath and filling me up, while expelling toxins, stress and negativity on the exhale.

Kundalini yoga has several forms of pranayama, a bit different then what I have mentioned. One of those is; right nostril stimulating and energizing: breathe in through right nostril, out through left. The left nostril calm and tranquilizing: breathe in through left, out through right.

Right nostril stimulating and energizing: breathe in through right nostril, out through left. The left nostril calm and tranquilizing: breathe in through left, out through right. Try for 2 minutes or more.

To gain more information on Kundalini yoga there are classes held at many yoga studios. They have powerfully shifted many parts of my life, connecting me to mind, body and spirit. There are many more breathing practices for different areas of life and the body, including breathing at certain times of the day. As you develop more of a practice you will understand more of your mind, creating equilibrium and self-awareness. If you’d like a personalized session or practice to work with please contact me directly.


Hope this gives you the high you are seeking  😉


Superfoods for Superpowers

In order to feel healthy, homeostasis must occur within the body. While detoxing is extremely important in our chemically laden society, what is just as important is fueling the system. To propel one forward in a direction of feeling SUPER. 😉

I am giving a list of foods that are like octane 93 for the body.
Ok, not gasoline. Rather,  foods that are like sunshine and water on a flower (body), that is planted in rich, fertile soil, growing superbly.

These SUPERfoods are a way to get SUPERhigh, naturally.

Like SUPERheros.

When one starts including more of these foods into their diet, weight loss and alkalinity will naturally occur. Over time stored toxins and chemicals will be released.
Some of these are medically labeled Superfoods, while others are personal favorites.

For informational purposes only, not intended to diagnose or cure, please eat at your own risk….of feeling like soaring.


Kale, Spinach, Chard, Broccoli, Bok Choy and many others.
Greens are extremely rich in nutrients and include high amounts of Chlorophyll (blood of plants). Leafy greens contain phytochemicals (disease preventatives) and high concentrations of vitamins and minerals. Aiding in the longevity of the body, greens are of utmost importance and their benefits are essential. Eating raw is the best way to ingest greens, or you can buy a green powder to get the daily intake of these supers. Steaming them is a good way to ingest.


Grown in the Peruvian mountains, Maca is similar to a radish. The powdered form of this plant contains significant amounts of minerals, amino acids, carbohydrates, and glycosides. It helps with endocrine function, which includes the glands and hormone secretion. It is an adaptogen, meaning it adapts to the state the body is in, adding what is needed. This plant supports adrenal and pituitary gland function.
Maca can be used as an excellent alternative to steroids. It boosts male and female stamina, libido and sex drive.
I add a spoonful into my smoothies or take in capsule form.


This fruit comes from the Amazon. Unprocessed and unheated it is otherwise known as raw chocolate. This superfruit is one of the most nutrient dense and chemically complex foods on Earth. It contains powerful antioxidants as well as high doses of vitamin c, phenethylamine (love feeling), omega 6, tryptophan, and serotonin (good feeling). Which is why us ladies crave when we are PMS-ing.
Contrary to processed chocolate, raw chocolate aids in weight loss, while regulating blood sugar. It is beneficial to the heart and cardiovascular system. I add powdered form into my smoothies along with Maca or get cacao nibs and munch on them.


Quinoa is a grain grown in South America, a staple food to the Aztecs and Incans.
It has the highest nutritional profile of all grains. Containing fiber, B vitamins, and all 8 essential amino acids. Making it a supergrain.

Bee Products: Honey, Pollen, Royal Jelly and Propolis:

Human use of bee products stems back thousands of years, to the Egyptians and beyond. The use of Bee products is extremely beneficial to the body.

Honey: Antiseptic, antioxidant and infection fighter. Honey helps to alleviate allergies if bought locally.

Pollen: Rich in B vitamins, protein and amino acids. Bee Pollen improves digestion and assists reproductive system. Increases libido and drive, while balancing hormones.

Royal Jelly: Helps brain, anti-aging, PMS, fertility. A natural antibiotic.

Propolis: Studies in Japan and Bulgaria were able to confirm this superfood as an anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-oxidant and immune-system booster. It can help regenerate and heal receding gums. Assists in healing burns.


Grown in Central and South America, Acai berry is extremely beneficial. It has a high antioxidant profile, protecting the body from free-radicals. It improves circulation, heart and immune system, while increasing energy.

Goji Berry:

High in minerals and essential amino acids, Goji berries include polysaccharides to boost potential and increase lifespan. Amazing healing powers, aiding in cuts, burns and rashes. Cancer-Preventative this berry can control and reverse obesity.
Activates the immune system.

Berries and Grapes: Blueberries, Raspberries, Blackberries

Berries are amazing disease fighters with high antioxidant levels. They contain high amounts of vitamin c, phytonutrients, phytochemicals and Ellagic acid (blocks metabolic pathways, preventing cancer).
Grapes and red wine contain Resveratrol which prolongs life, helps memory, reduces risk of heart disease, and is also an anti-inflammatory.
It is best to buy these fruits organic, they are sprayed heavily with pesticides if not.

Figs and Kiwis:

Both of these fruits contain high levels of vitamins and minerals. Figs are a source of Vitamin B6, high in fiber, cancer preventative, and alkalizing. Kiwis are higher in vitamin c then an orange, protect DNA and contain a variety of flavonoids and carotenoids (antioxidants).

Yerba Mate:

Known as the “Drink of the Gods”, this teas comes from, yes, South America.
This drink enhances vitality and well-being, while being packed full of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and polyphenols. The antioxidant profile is high, it’s touted as an immune booster. One of the most balanced stimulant with no crash.


One of the stinkiest fruits I have ever come across, it smells like dirty feet.
The benefits of Noni are incredible, it is a powerful antioxidant and immune booster. Containing xeronine, selenium and terpine, which contribute to detoxifying, while aiding healthy skin and cell structure. The juice can be found here in the states. In tropical environments Noni trees are abundant, you can literally pick the fruit off the ground, eating fresh boosts serotonin.

Link to one of my first posts, explaining other favorite Superfoods

Apple Cider Vinegar

What are your Superpowers?



For more information on more Superfoods check out these links.

Web MD


Raw Superfoods

Raging Chakras

I started playing with my Chakras when I was 22…..

Falling asleep one night, my hand was irresistibly drawn to my lower abdomen. This area was warm and tingling. Like a vortex sucking me in, it started murmuring of unlocked emotions and memories.
I started moving and spinning this energy center, clearing and invigorating it.

My intrigue awakened.

At this time my belief system was of no desires or cares for anything religious, or spiritually inclined. I had been spiritual when I was younger but was delving into a more atheist belief system at 22. These esoteric beliefs were way to airy-fairy to my overly intellectual mind.

Until this spoken night.

I then started witnessing issues in my life dissolving, amazing occurrences were starting to happen and a whole new world was developing around me.

I thought to myself

“I want to know more about this”

I undertook research probing the depths of the complex and different theories. Here is a tiny synopsis of what I have come to, as with anything I post discern with your own informed deliberation and research.

Energy, Baby:

Chakras are contained in our energy fields, otherwise known as Life-Force, Prana, Chi, Electromagnetic, Aura, Orgone and many other names.
These fields are like a blueprint of energy for individuality. In them are cone -shaped energy center that hold a vibration and color, like a human rainbow, these are the chakras.
An energetic library, they contain every experience, thought, and emotion we have  had, when out of balance they can cause disorders, distortions and disease on many levels.

There are 7 main chakras, and according to varying theories up to 36 more that are within our bodies.

I am going to breakdown the main ones for y’all. ; )

Root Chakra:

Adrenal Gland
Located below the perineum. Related to physical well-being, survival, instincts, primal, earth energies.

Mental and Emotional Issues: Survival, territorialism, wars, violence, oppression.

Physical Issues: Low body disorders. Including hips, legs, immune system, feet and ankle problems.

Ultimate Potential: Self Groundedness

Sacral Chakra:

Located 2-3 in above sacrum. It relates to creativity, sexuality, pleasure and relationships. Our energetic life force and sexual energy, Kundalini, is said to be contained here.

Mental and Emotional Issues: Blame, guilt, control, shame, regrets.

Physical Issues: Any Sacral area disorders. Including male and female sexual organs, sexual dysfunction, reproductive issues, urinary and bladder issues.

Ultimate Potential: Self-Creativity and Healthy Sexuality.

Solar Plexus Chakra:

Located in the solar plexus region, 2 inches above the navel. It is related to personal power, self-control, confidence and courage. Sometimes people refer to a feeling in the pit of their stomach, indicating this chakra.

Mental and Emotional Issues: Low self-esteem, low confidence, indecisiveness, anxiety, nervousness, doubt.

Physical Issues: Any solar plexus area disorders. Including indigestion, digestive problems, ulcers, diaphragm, liver, gall bladder, kidneys.

Ultimate Potential: Self-Empowerment

Heart Chakra:

Green and Pink
Located in the chest It relates to our emotions, love, compassion, empathy and heart. Where the term heartbreak stems from, as love is felt directly through here.

Mental and Emotional Issues: Anger, fear, jealousy, coldness, lack of compassion and empathy, fear and feeling unloved.

Physical Issues: Any heart area disorders. Including heart problems, respiratory, breast problems.

Ultimate Potential: Self-Love

Throat Chakra:

Located in the throat, connected with expression, will, speech, fluent thought, honesty, independence.

Mental and Emotional issues: Criticism, judgement, communication and listening problems.

Physical: Any throat and mouth area disorders. Including addictions, throat cancer, sore throat, neck problems.

Ultimate Potential: Self-Expression and Honesty

Third Eye Chakra:

On forehead, 1 in above bridge between eyebrows. Regulates mental, intellectual and intuitive functions.

Mental and Emotional issues: Concentration, overly rational, over/under intelligence, manipulative, close-mindedness, impatience.

Physical Issues: Any upper mental and brain issues, including depression, sinus problems, migraines, neurological disorders.

Ultimate Potential: Opening to Self-Awareness and Intuitive Capacities

Crown Chakra:

1-3 inches above the top of head, like a crown. Oversees our wisdom and highest mind coming through, said to connect to universal consciousness.

Mental and Emotional Issues: Separation, over-reacting, hopelessness, rigid thinking, over-intellectualizing.

Physical Illness: Paralysis, stroke, skin disorders, multiple sclerosis.

Ultimate Potential: Selflessness and Connectedness

Playing with your Chakras:

Take a pendulum and hold it over one of these centers and see which way it is spinning.
To charge: hold your hand over and spin it clockwise, visualizing white light or the color of the chakra infusing it.
To clear: move hand and energy counter-clockwise, while also scooping up and out. Imagine any emotional patterns, gunk and debris being released into light, happiness and health.
Old memories and pain may surface, let it be, you are healing.

How do your Raging Chakras feel?


Update as per request:

Different schools of thought have different theories on the way each Chakra is supposed to spin correctly. The higher the Chakras on the body, the faster they spin. Some schools of thought propose that they alternate from clockwise to counter-clockwise starting from the Root Chakra. There is also the theory that when healthy they all rotate clockwise at a certain speed.
To open and clear spin counter clockwise, to close spin clockwise.

In my experience I have found with myself and others, that each person will vary. Blocks within the chakras will sometimes be seen with the pendulum as going straight across, diagonally or a lopsided circle, sometimes very slow, sometimes very fast.

You have the key to unlock your Chakra’s secrets.

I believe that intention and the power of the mind is one of the most powerful healers. You can send your own healing energy in with a pendulum or with your hand, infusing as I have mentioned above with visualization. If the ways I have mentioned don’t feel right to you, this is where your intuitive process comes in, you can “speak” to your chakras, feeling into them and allowing them to show/tell you the best way for them to heal. You will come to find an understanding.
There is an innate intelligence behind everything.

If you would like more guidance into working with your Chakras, I can assist you in reading them.

My contact is listed in the Purpose and Dream Creating page at the top.

Spiritual Philosophy


Like a musical score this is about to pick up the frequency, where as before it was longer and slower, now it is becoming shorter, more frequent and sweet.
I am about to take you in a completely different direction than where we have been.
Through my worlds of creating my spiritual philosophy, one that has been sanctioned from stepping outside of religion with non- adherence to any one tradition.

My life has been one of turbulence at times, yet, my spirit has been strengthened through owning my experiences. What has allowed me to reach my highest potential has been creating my own tradition; arising from an evolving form of mixing and merging what feels right for me. I blend different cultures, philosophies and creeds to suit my individual needs, looking within mentally, physically,emotionally and spiritually. Always guided by my heart.

This has been developing for me since I was 11, when I was introduced to the concept of the universe, soul questioning and delving into realms of the unknown, spiritually and philosophically.

My philosophy encourages finding love in every aspect of life. Radiating from this place is what I am always striving to achieve. Realizing in every moment I am exactly where I need to be.

I believe that we create the meaning of life, it seems that the meaning is taken so SERIOUSLY in our world. My goal is for my reality to be light, loving, happy, magical and easy, so as to enjoy life freely.

I like to make my tradition playful for me, while watching my life powerfully come into action with gratitude, excitement and abundance.
Inner joy being a purpose in my life, life is a game I wish to have fun with.

If there is God, a Force, Universe, whatever you desire to call it, I believe that source is something that should set one free.
My co-creation of life with this expression becoming an artistic endeavor in every moment. Reality becoming living, moving, breathing, creating the art of being.

Purpose and Dream Creating

If you so desire to come along, I will be going over a diverse range of topics. Ever evolving, I have come to find  well being and ease through learning varying perceptions and techniques that hold truth for me.

An outward and inward state of being; I am a living conscious universe, while living within a living, conscious universe

and so it goes…



Earth’s Cry

“Treat the earth well: it was not given to you by your parents, it was loaned to you by your children. We do not inherit the Earth from our Ancestors, we borrow it from our Children.

~ancient indian proverb


Let me tell you

a message I have been gifted……

While in the tropical islands, I had decided to go on a pilgrimage for a couple of hours. Walking through green, lush and flourishing jungle, with thick moist soil under my feet, the plants were living and breathing beside me. The smell was green and damp with the jungle’s spirit.
In the distance powerful surges could be felt by the ocean rolling its way onto the sands.

I was following a path where everything was tingling intensely with life. Birds were chirping their call, while fire ants were lining the path to collectively build their communities.
Quietly, a space of awe was created within me, becoming a part of this ecosystem.

I looked around me within such breathtaking beauty to see plastic bottles and garbage littering.

Collecting, accumulating, not decomposing.

In such natural wonders, I had to question why?



It brought up sadness within me, for what we are doing to our beautiful earth. After witnessing so much pollution, and the unconscious way that our earth is being dumped upon and taken from.

My eyes starting watering, tears dripping down into the dirt,
and then I heard loudly from


“If things continue to transpire this way, I will become nothing more than a ravaged wasteland.

I am giving you a warning:

Humanity will be forsaken, if you don’t learn to work with me,
do not underestimate my power to cleanse you and your destruction from me.

This is my cry for help to you, little one

Take my message through your weeping to all those who will heed and help.
There is not much time to undertake the undoing of what has been ruined.”

I call upon you humanity,

this is beyond crisis,

and world calamity,

this is us being a parasite upon which we are reliant.

Our waters are polluted with chemicals and sewage, making our oceans and freshwater lakes ruined.
Lands are strewn with plastic and inorganic material, leaving the earth more waste. Animals and wildlife are becoming extinct, the way we treat them is sometimes sickening.

Our air is tainted with the highest CO2 levels on record, that level is rising. Without regulations, people are sick in third world cities from the high levels of pollution in the air.


Heavy metal toxicity in our soil is preventing us from gaining proper nutrients in our food.

This list can go on and on, yet focusing on the problems will not solve them.

“Problems cannot be solved by the same level of thinking that created them.”
~ Albert Einstein

Whatever you believe in, the state of humanity and our Earth is in peril.

Corporations due to consumerism, are ravaging their marks upon our Earth.
While half as much is not being replanted, restored or recycled.

This is far beyond sustainability, its time for us to reclaim our earth for the future of humanity.

An old Native American adage says that

“Whatever is taken from the earth, is to be given back.”

And still I hear~

“It’s not my problem or issue”

If we keep taking that kind of stance, what kind of world will be left for our future generations?

There are soulutions, and ways to undo this.

With technology comes responsibility, the responsibility of educating properly.

If we are these powers, then let’s set an example for the world. It’s up to us first world countries to teach and implement new systems of cleaning the air, cleaning the water, and planting more trees ad foods, taking care of the earth and her creatures.

Living sustainably upon her.

Worldly, consciously, a reciprocal approach, for we are all students and teachers upon our Earth.




Animus Totem


Carl Jung theorizes that us humans have a subconscious, conscious and super-conscious (collective) mind, and they work together to create self.

The subconscious, or animus, is represented by our more primal instincts and qualities, like a sponge it retains everything that happens within our lives.
According to Kahuna (Hawaiian) and Native American traditions, every human has a totem, or animal spirit. These animal spirits have characteristics that hold aspects of our personality. They can also become our protectors and guardians as well.

Could I perhaps, have an animal spirit?


who are you???

Totems are something I view similar to horoscopes and astrology, it can be taken metaphorically or literally. If anything, it adds an element of fun to life. Signs, messages, traits are whatever we make them to be.
I give my life meaning, and the meaning I wish to give it is being a magical experience.
This is one of my many ways.

When I was 23, I had a profound experience introducing me to my main Totem.

It was a warm, sunny, brilliant day and I was driving to a friends house.
Happy, anticipatory, with the warm spring air blowing through my car, I was on a two lane road going up a hill, when I was stopped dead by the car in front of me. Before realizing what was happening, I looked in my rearview mirror to see a huge dump truck barreling into me. I knew that it wasn’t going to be able to stop. As if on cue I felt some force come through me to guide me in that moment, I veered my car to the the embankment, only to be plowed into with such force that it spun my car.
I knew that if it wasn’t for me turning to the right, I would’ve been smashed between the car that was in front of me and this bumbling, unstoppable dump truck.
I stepped out shaking, scared and in shock. Raindrops and white petals appeared, falling from a clear blue sky.
Bemused, I looked up and circling above me was a hawk. It seemed to stay there, as though it was watching over me.
I connected in that moment with the gliding, circling, grace and knew that what had happened was to connect me with this bird.
It was a beautiful moment.

Hawks appear around me, guiding me with a gentle grace
They speak to me….
You are on the right path, follow the signs.

Hawk represents spirit, being a visionary and messenger, not always accepted in the times that they are brought into.

I find it a game to see what totem is working with me, at different times I have had visits from varying animals in my life. Each one representing qualities that I was coming into or working towards owning.

During my travels I visited Montana, while there, one of my initiations was a mini vision quest.
A vision quest is a native american rite of passage to find oneself in solitude and nature, usually lasting 3 days. I had a distilled version for myself, which consisted of me gallivanting off into the forest by myself for 3 days, 10 hours a day.

The first day of this vision quest I was walking into the forest, unbeknownst to me there was an owl perching on a tree stump next to me, startling me as it flew up, it’s huge wing span almost hit me in the face.

Two days later, while meditating in this same forest, I opened my eyes to be staring 100 feet ahead of me into the yellow eyes of the owl, penetrating me with it’s gaze.
It was freaky and amazing, all in one.
I viewed it as a sign, as this was a time for me to go into my underworld, to use my night vision to journey within darker places within my unconscious mind.


How to find your Animal Totem

Sit quietly with yourself and ASK.

It may show up in your life unexpectedly. An animal or bird will appear and you will have an understanding. It may also come to you in dream form, or from another person telling you that you remind them of an animal.
Think about yourself and aspects of your personality that may relate to an animus.
Once you come to know this animal, then it is time to become more acquainted with its traits, so that it can be something to benefit you.

What is your Animus Totem?