Vibing with an Empath

Think of this as an escapade that we are about to take, all I ask is that you open your mind to something that is a little outside the norm. These are feelings I don’t usually address, in doing so I am taking you into a different world and part of me.
These topics I will explore over a series of posts, for a gift can manifest in many forms.

I feel it is important to discuss my gifted abilities which once were highly misunderstood by me and others. We all incorporate emotions and attributes along a gamut, we are a collective pod. Therefore, this is to give you more understanding of who I am and other light-workers, Indigo, Crystal, and star people who may have similarities. I don’t feel there is enough information out there on these types of abilities and how to further develop them, in my case I’ve noticed being an empath has developed into becoming more telepathic when I hone in on my intuition and am vibrating at a higher conscious level.

Empaths are like mirrors to the environment and people, they are able to tune into what is occurring on many levels, even sub atomic to quantum, I believe. Empaths can be very sensitive to everything that goes on around them, for it is felt deep within them. The understandings of people and environments come with a vibration, which are felt by empaths. Empaths understand others pain, sometimes to a physically debilitating point. They are able to see behind people’s words and actions to what is underneath. Empaths have a deep ability to see into people clearly, and view others psyche’s. When faced with negativity an empath will become withdrawn, quiet and introverted. When there is positivity an empath will light up with excitement and happiness.

I feel others light and beauty, which gives me hope for humanity and the survival of our species. This gift has many facets to it, far more than empathic now. It allows me to understand and see patterns. Every person has their strengths and weaknesses, helping others to see their best heals me. I am able to take energies from others so they feel better, which is what empaths do. I call it transmuting.
I can feel thoughts, actions and deeds directed at me. When one feels love, happiness, joy, freedom, acceptance, and compassion, etc, I feel unlimited in my expression with them, my heart feels glorious.
Judgement, jealousy, anger, fear, possesiveness, gossip, hatred etc. making me feel withdrawn and tired. I feel this all from far away as well, only to then feel love for the negativity and people who it is coming from. Love cancels out all negative feelings and experiences. In shamanic teachings there is a term for this, which I will get into in more detail. I can feel those I’m close with long distances.

I am able to tell when people are hiding or lying by understanding intentions, even beneath the surface. This ability as a child caused misunderstanding for others, unable to process what I didn’t know, it left me confused. This is where my introversion started to happen. I had a nature of understanding people, yet couldn’t understand my integral gift. Discerning what is mine and anothers has taken a while to develop for myself.

If we look at one another as mirrors, instead of judging, we can feel illuminated. Judgement hurts the judge and judged, so why judge?
I like to ask myself what is it that is irking me, how can I allow it to empower me?

I believe that every human has a gift, when we start opening to understanding it can help our life immensely. I believe that all people are empathic to some level. I will elaborate on more tools, techniques and ways to access your gift in the next few posts.

What is your gift dear one?



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Dream Manifesto

If there is a purpose to my life, it is for me to live my dream, a dream that will shift as I continually evolve as being human. My dream encompasses all parts of my being, as I fully embrace who I am.

I am at a pivotal point, where I am being tested in my strength and resilience. A test in life of perseverance to stay true to my dream. My pride is absolved in a physical state pared down to the basics. I am learning patience for my purpose and how to carry out the larger picture that I envision.

While the stress and question creep in, I entertain them for a bit only to banish in place of healthier thoughts and feelings. My scenario is not what I dreamt of yet it happens to be a part of my dream.
This is an extremely humbling state, reinforcing within me how to be happy and grateful for what is occurring right now.

That is the true power of manifesting, is it not?

You will get a glimpse of the starving artist I have become in my book, at some point.
This state of existence will not deter me from my course. I shall push through with strength for my purpose. The one thing that has amazed me is how incredible my loved ones have been, thank you all for coming through so wonderfully!

My current purpose is to write as creative expression. To share with you however that may come through, far beyond a conventional fashion. Success, happiness and love is felt through assisting others into their highest potential, while bringing collective ideas to the forefront of our world. A TV show dream is in the works, a vision I’ve had for years.

Success will come to me, not from giving into the system, but from following my heart and settling for nothing less than what it whispers to me.
In only the way that know how.

Am I happy, is that happiness an internal state of existence?
While materials provide comfort and ease, they are not where my happiness and dreams arise from.

The question I ask is
What am I learning and creating for my life?

Creating my life to be my dream, will naturally attract prosperity and abundance to me. My dream and success fall in line with WHO I AM, rather than WHAT I HAVE.

Free to be me, my dream is to be happy. To have a magical, synchronistic existence, full of fun, laughter and most importantly love. Being childlike in my creative endeavors.
To build upon relationships with friends and family, those whom I love dearly, creating positive support structures that provide reciprocally. To write, travel and create a life of adventure that allows me to be a world-bridger while helping to ease feelings of suffering and tragedy. To consciously evolve with creativity, passion, purpose and ease. Flowing into the path of least resistance, while attracting the dream I wish to manifest into existence.

My dream is to be the best I can be, for me so I can be for the world. I will be me powerfully, owning every part that comes through, with love for self as my guiding force, that love allows me to fully love others.

My vision of the world is to see it blossoming. For all to access potential and dream; individually and collectively. Where we are no longer separated by a fear paradigm, instead united in love, compassion and tolerance. With every person guided to their individual creative expression and purpose.
I see a vision of a healthy, thriving, clean, green earth for everyone, while rebalancing the unbalanced hierarchy.
This being a snippet of my dream.

What is you Dream Manifesto?



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Seeing Love through Pain

How do you wish to choose your experience?

We can find love and access beauty even while experiencing what we absolutely despise. Truly, it’s just a matter of perception. To view any task as an obstacle of teaching, helps to cultivate a state of gratitude for whatever life is bringing. Leading to empowerment in any given situation. Life is not always easy, and can be downright disheartening. With a view from a separate angel, perhaps an epiphany can be brought to light.

The essence of raising the vibration consists of bringing ourselves up, when all hope may be lost.

There have been times in life, where I have been at my lowest. Unable to understand how things could possibly get better, comprehension of the bigger picture will occur.
Those time periods are tests of personal strength. If I can get through something that may appear to be surmounting difficulties and see it with a fresh perspective, that issue will tend to dissolve out of my life.
Upon resolution, the light will filter through. What I felt was so traumatic, was only, in fact, something that builds character.

The ups in life are heights of crowning achievement, grandiose beauty with glamorous feelings.
The lows, the lows are our defining moments, how we carry ourselves forward. They build our strength and resolve in self and teach us the discipline of a seasoned warrior.

How can we understand ideas like compassion and tolerance for another, if we aren’t subjected to something that shakes our world up?

We never know what someone else has gone through, judging from the outer realms becomes a parody on self.

Life is a composition of the ups and downs, like music, the downs are the nostalgic beauty of the whole piece.

Feel out your pain, your sadness, your fears and doubts, and remember, it will get better. This is a part of your journey. Over time, it becomes your choice how you perceive these lows in life.

Pushing forward teaches perseverance.
perseverance builds patience.
Patience creates a deep understanding for life and others.

When things may seem disturbing, traumatic, monotonous, horrible. All efforts may feel in vain, and relationships could be falling apart, the bottom seems to be dropping out, nothing is working right.
You may not want to care, you may feel like giving up hope, you may not understand what is happening.

Realize in these time periods;

Life is more than what we are seeing, this is building you to be an even more resplendent being.

You have a purpose, push through, you can do it.
Find something right when everything is going wrong.

Somehow, some way, life will work its way out.

I promise you, dear human, there is a purpose for everything. Perhaps destined or not, either way;
Can you find your purpose for being?
Can you see the infusion of what has created you?
The uniqueness that comes from your individual expression and experience?

Life is your choice.


I will be talking more about raising the vibration in a separate post.

Positively Facing Fears

This, I feel, has been the largest tragedy of humanity.
We are all human, so let’s digress here a bit, shall we?

Fear is contagious, spreading through our world like the largest plague on record. Most problems stem from fear and it’s dominions (judgement, hatred, inferiority-superiority, discrimination, power-seeking, doubt/worry, jealousy, anger, abuse, gossip, lying/sneaking, living by warning/ danger, etc..)

Fears feel real, yet they are nothing more than an illusion within our perception. To understand fear we have to look at the core of our subconscious; collectively and individually.

Individually created are subconscious insecurities, formed from experiences that leave feelings of; abandonment, isolation, loneliness, unloved, inadequacy, not being right by society/ group or family….. etc.

Collectively we live in remnants of a conditioned, puritanical society, one that undermines inner power. This causes suppression, repression and projection while urging agreement with what is taught/ told/ sold without question. Seen through commercial marketing that targets people by making them feel they are lacking without their product.
Or through levels of objectification and sublimation in media, religions, education, sex and class.

Propagating conformity while perpetuating cycles for people to ignore true power residing underneath the exterior.

Most humans are seeking love, appreciation and approval. In this search, people make choices that do not come from a place of authenticity. In line with self-preservation this allows insecurity to modify behavior.

Think of all the times you held back parts of yourself out of worry, doubt and fear of others thoughts or how you would appear?

People care what others think, thus ignoring inner truth worrying how they are appearing.

Paradox within this:

most think that…..

Break free, worry is anti-intention.

Who gives a fuck what anyone but you thinks. If you own you, everything will form around that inner sense.


Conscious Awareness

We all have egos, the question is how to make ego work for, instead of against self?

Go within your depths to unleash your inner power.
Become a warrior/ess cutting through inner demons by facing your facets of shadow and light. Free yourself from the bars of inward insecurity by loving them into oblivion, unearthing your greatest beauty of all; inner truth, love and knowledge of self.

Quantum physics states within our brain synapses are chemicals that surface when we have a certain experience. Essentially we are addicted to similar thoughts and emotions.

(1)” We can conclude that consciousness is a quantum mechanical entity that can have an independent existence. It can localize in the human brain when the electron is in a particle state. This provides the necessary quantum mechanical base conducive for it to interact with and function in the brain. When the state changes to that of a wave, consciousness takes flight and starts floating. It takes away with it at least a part of the contents of the memory.”

Think about what you think about, become conscious to yourself and your thought, action and word. Make a consistent effort to speak, feel and visualize your highest state of being into existence. This will shift unhealthy patterns into health and positivity for self.
Feed you and your life with what makes you feel good about who you are. Positively recondition/ repattern what no longer belongs within you.
Rule of thumb, usually the opposite of a negative thought or feeling will shift the pattern, doing what might make you feel uncomfortable.


It takes 21 days for a pattern to change.

Examples of Affirmations:

I am not good enough~ I am amazing
I can’t do it~ I do everything impeccably
I am unloveable~ I love and accept myself completely

When you notice fears come up, delve into and visualize balloons of light surrounding and dissipating them.
Gratitude is an incredible way to shift the state of mind and emotions. Becoming grateful for what is can change your inner state.
If you are feeling negative towards another/ situation/ experience it only causes you pain.
Wrap it in love and light, every time you think about the subject, release it into this vision.
Over time, the negative feelings will disappear.

Regardless of who you are, what you have done, what you think, where you have been, and whatever insecurities are underneath:

You are important, you matter, and your presence on this earth is of great significance, fellow human.



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Collective Consciousness

‎”The real seeker of truth never seeks truth. On the contrary, he tries to clean himself of all that is untrue, inauthentic, insincere – and when his heart is ready, purified, the guest comes. You cannot find the guest, you cannot go after him. He comes to you; you just have to be prepared. You have to be in a right attitude.” – Osho

Our minds are extremely powerful, what one believes one will see. Our beliefs individually and collectively make up our reality.
Every person is creating their own reality out of their personal belief system. At the same time we are all working within a collective belief that we all agree to believe. (mind-stretching a bit, I will take you further down this rabbit hole in a later post).
We are born into an already conditional status quo.
Our beliefs are formed from what we were born into and experience from our most subconscious level, when introduced from infancy to relationships, society and what sustains us.

Thought are in being proven to have physical mass through studies done on quantum physics levels.
The power of our minds is the greatest power we as a race have. If we can work our minds together, we can truly achieve anything.
Like a network, if enough people believe in a concept, that something becomes alive within our perceptions.
Belief manifests, belief is the cornerstone to creating anything within our world.
Collective Consciousness


There are many who hold so rigidly to personal beliefs that the beliefs become blocks from evolution.
Over time these blocks can become detrimental and brainwashing. Holding individuals and collectives back from fluidly being open to new thoughts, approaches and ideas.

Paving the way for revolutionary thinking, change starts within, with a thought. A believable thought gains momentum through others, like a snowball, growing more dense with movement. Becoming a known idea within a group, spontaneously or gradually.

What was once heresy and progress is now looked at as archaic.
Why would that be any different with our economic and societal structure?

It is time for a restructuring of collective beliefs.
We are seeking transformation, it will come from collectively banding together and contributing.
Change comes from addressing and seeking solutions by counteracting what is a problem. Realigning.
That is the gift of manifesting.
Focusing on the solution will guide us to answers to our current issues. Leaders will be coming forward from all walks of life, representing all of us. These leaders will bring forth ideas from the collective that are tailored to needs and solutions within this new paradigm.

What is it we choose to believe, about ourselves, our world and one another, will those beliefs sustain us as a whole?

Sustainability has become a collectively coined term, delving into this idea will help us seek solutions.
Are we a sustainable race, working with sustainable sources?

Obviously a mass shift is in order.
Sustainability of every system and function within humanity will start to remedy what is faulty within all of our systems. Answers will come from awareness of problems, while proactively agreeing to solutions.

For an idea to work, it will have to be something many can collectively agree upon. Not every tenet per se, yet agree with a belief in the collective to be able to re-create.

From the macro to the micro, belief in self is one’s most powerful force.
Do we believe in ourselves?

Can we bring forth our most human elements into this evolution?
Produce more emotions within our dry, shriveling up and boring system.
Let the passion out, being lead by our mind, hearts and spirits, conveying what we believe in from the core of our being human.

Can we believe in
A collective truth,
a collective mindset,
a collective belief in


Truly, love is the most important element of all.
Can we believe in love?



Bikram Yoga

Why does something so intense, feel oh, so good?

Yoga is an absolute essential in my life. It’s not a question of want, up there with eating, it is a need.

Like a sponge, I leave feeling as though I have been wrung out mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

I have practiced yoga off and on since I was 19. The first time I practiced, it felt impossible to hold a pose well. Shaky and fidgety, I thought to myself, “I don’t think could I ever become good at this.”
Over the years, it has become an art form that is constantly being perfected. The poses become deeper, more intense, with all the same pleasure of flexibility and stretching.

Yoga and the many types I have practiced, has brought about many shifts in my life. It facilitates a space of internal processing and healing. When practiced more, life seems to take on an easier and more beautiful presence.

Bikram yoga is a 90 minute class in a 105 degree room, consisting of 26 poses.
Sounds intense, but once in, the class seems to take a life of its own. It becomes breathing life into the poses, breathing awareness into places in the body, awakening memories and stored feelings. Breathing ease into the intensity of hurt that is felt. In pushing through those moments of pain, a true sense of accomplishment is felt.


Bikram Benefits

The benefits of Bikram Yoga are outstanding. As with anything, some sources say the opposite.

~The asanas(poses) work for stretching the body and immensely improving flexibility.

~In one session every organ, system, function, and muscle in the body are worked on.

~Healthy weight loss, or weight gain occurs,depending on body’s needs. ( I gained)

~Bikram assists the immune system and body’s natural ability to repair and heal itself.

~Strengthening, stretching and lengthening of the muscles occurs.

~Lymphatic, nervous and circulation system stimulated.

~It gives a cardiovascular workout while building muscle.

~It works both sides of the brain, not only with the breathing exercises, but the poses as well.

~Massages internal organs, aiding in the proper removal of toxins and waste.

~Assists in regulating metabolism and healthy digestion.

~Lengthens the spine and vertebrae, allowing for more spinal flexibility.

~Helps to build focus and self-discipline, the more often you go, the better you become.

~Creates internal cleansing and purification of the blood and circulatory system.

~Causes relaxation, while stimulating the mind, body, and spirit.



Meditation = The Zone

I meditated the first time when I was 9.
Sitting on my bed, I was reading a book explaining the technique.
“Sit with your eyes closed” this book said, “Let your mind take you into a quiet place.”
I closed my eyes and was immersed into a world where I was soaring as a bird, diving into the water becoming a fish.
Coming back to reality I thought,
I liked that.
Taking the art of it up again when I was 24,there are many forms I have practiced.
Meditation has been my staple over the past few years. When I stick to it, my life dramatically reflects a positive inner state.

Examination has been my source of calmness, strength and gathering of energies. It is by going within the stillness, that I have found myself to exist on a higher level than what I perceive.
I have been able to harness my true self and create more abundantly the life I choose to lead.
Forming around the inward state of being.

Inspiration calls me deep in the throes of quietness.
It is within the nothingness that anything is created.
In the stillness where life itself takes form.
The awareness of unthinking remembers who I am.

Meditating brings about a clarity that transcends thought.
Where being is here, there, everywhere.

My everyday imagination tends to take me places far away, analyzing, dreaming and reflecting.
The point of meditation is to slow the mind down to consciously create life.
It raises consciousness by seeing through the ego filters and stories of life. A gain of comprehending thoughts, actions, words and intentions.
When meditating, I literally scan myself and the world, to acknowledge how I am affecting the web of reality.
I process and come into stillness.
The result is a grounded space of tranquility and acceptance. An understanding of what I create and who I am.
This space allows me to be conscious of self, in a way that supersedes ego.

I sit silently to hear myself clearly.

Meditation has taught me self-discipline. Discipline to gain the level of living that I wish to attain.
Self discipline in doing a daily meditation.
Eating foods that are good for my body, not just what I crave.
Staying in on a weekend to build upon what I am creating.
Not balking and running away, when things falls apart around me.
Being active, not reactive.
Discipline to keep myself in check.
Having the urge, noticing the urge, overcoming the urge.

It’s all about balance, yo.


Getting in the Zone

While the normal idea of meditating is sitting in silence, or chanting for hours at a time. Those are not the only form.

You may not realize when you are meditating. Meditating is being conscious in a place that becomes “the zone”.
Being in the zone is like the flow, the inward reflection of the outward living “flow”.

Think about the moments when you lose track of time, when existence stands still. You are present, yet know a place of awareness higher than this life.
Unthinking, just knowing.

That is being in the zone.

Any time you are creating, doing or being and slip into the zone or
dreaming state of awareness is meditating. When athletes speak of being in the zone it is also a form of meditating.

Other examples include:
Cleaning and organizing
Making music
Artists creating
(I will elaborate more on visualization in my post about manifesting)

Meditating is about you. Taking time to YOURSELF, the space that is you and your life.
While we are lead to believe the opposite in our world, self should always come first.
If you aren’t clear, grounded and engaged, how can you immerse yourself in what you bring to life and others?

A practice to try is sitting in silence for 7 minutes every morning when you awake. With the intention of allowing thoughts to surface and dissolve into nothingness.
Eventually, a space of quiet is the result.

How do you feel when you are through?


There are so many varieties of meditating, and finding one that suits your needs may take a bit of time. By practicing you will find your groove, if you need facilitating, you know where to contact me.

Purpose and Dream creating

Locally Grown and Delicious

Markets abundantly full of freshly picked food that smells and tastes like home.
This is precisely why I love the midwest in summer and early fall.

Right across from where I am living in Lincoln Park, Farmer’s Harvest is a biweekly Farmers Market. I make sure to frequent this small market for all of my produce needs.
A staple to my cleanse, this farmer’s market makes me beam with happiness.

Options, options, what shall I choose?

Strolling through I sample the flavors of the season. The fruits are succulent and sweet, the vegetables taste rich and alive, the eggs are multi-hued with dark orange yolks.
Fresh cheese and milk travel from the Dairy state of Wisconsin. The meats are grass-fed and organic, honestly what more could you ask for?

Why eat locally grown?

Many reasons, first the produce is fresh and picked ripe. Produce that is shipped and picked slightly unripe, which means that the nutrition content is not as high.
I am also supporting the local economy and farming families.

Secondly, it saves on the carbon footprint and I know EXACTLY where all of the food is coming from, the less handling and processing, the better.
There is something comforting knowing that I am eating from soil that I live near, the soil content is much more nutrient dense than overly farmed corporate farms.
While the food may not look as aesthetically pleasing as your everyday grocery store, the taste by far outweighs the looks with the nutritional value still intact.
Who wants an apple that has been sprayed by up to 30 pesticides anyways?
Not I.

If I have a choice, I choose organic.
I ask each stand if they spray their food, and with what. I try to stray from chemicals as much as possible.
Organic food is up to 50% more nutrient dense then produce that has been rigorously farmed. Not to mention the amount of nutrients lost in transporting.
Times are different, the nutrients derived from normal food sources is much less than it was post world war. With the constant bombardment of chemicals and toxins in our environment, I take it upon myself to try to get as many vitamins and minerals as I can.
Longevity of my health is a priority, I gain sense of pleasure in feeding my temple well. I feel a significant difference in my overall well being with how I am eating.

Sprouts are one of the most beneficial foods to eat according to Edmond Szekely. These baby foods alkalinize and assist in cell regeneration, they are chocked full of antioxidants.

At this prized Farmer’s market there is a stand dedicated solely to sprouts, which are cut fresh just for you.
For 2 dollars this stand will juice shots of wheatgrass on the spot.

Wheatgrass is extremely nutrient dense. It contains high amounts of vitamin A, C, E and K as well as B-12, which promotes great energy levels after consumption. Wheatgrass also contains high amounts of Chlorophyll, which helps to heal tissues and serves as an antibacterial. A shot of this super will cleanse and purify the body, while boosting the immune system.

Packing my body full of green power, it aids superbly in my cleanse.

I like to buy my food from farmers who are passionate about what they do, farming as their art form 😉
At this market, the people are friendly, the food is delicious, the choices are abundant.
I am in Farmer’s Market heaven.

How is your local farmer’s market?


Moment to Moment


And think about Right Now.

Add a little awareness to the moment, see if that moment can expand, expansion and enjoyment of the moment at hand, is truly all that can be had.

Right Now.

At times it seems happiness can only be once there is attainment of a certain something.

Our society is one that places materialistic urges above the here and now.
The thought that:
Once I buy this, attain a certain something, is not the key to happiness.
Seeking and searching, looking to the future, being nostalgically in the past will not create joy either.

Of course, set your sights high, reach for the stars, but remember you are here, now.

Joy is within, in every moment, it is only a matter of being present to it.
A choice of here and now, or not.
Relishing what is occurring, while savoring the moment, can help to feel bliss and pleasure in the present.

The spontaneity and surprises in life are what truly keep me striving.
I think to myself, 10 years ago would I have ever expected or planned for my life to have taken the route it has?
Would I have it any other way.
Absolutely not.

I ponder upon how my dreaming mind can be let down at times when I have expected outcomes to come to fruition, when they aren’t the way I expect,
I feel disappointment.

That my dears, is the catch.

Expectations can propel one forward, yet, when we are attached to those expectations they can also damper one’s bliss when not met.

When one is expecting from life, situations, self and others and it doesn’t come through, an array of negative emotions can be felt.

How are you going to react when life is not what was anticipated?

Maybe it was missed expectations.

Allow yourself to feel whatever the feelings of the missed expectation are, understand where it stems from and come back into bliss.

Life is not always going to be what is expected or desired, but that should not detract from your joy. Instead allow perceived flaws to strengthen you in the moment,

and be grateful for what is,

Right Now.

It’s in the receiving of our wishes that we can tend to get lost,

sometimes the unexpected journey is the best part.

It is always a choice how you are feeling, and choosing moment to moment will allow you to choose the moment, rather than let the moment choose you.

Choice = Empowerment.

Let go of expectations for what you want now to be, and let now show you what it’s meant to be.

There is no other time than now to be happy and happiness is not found in what is not, it is found in loving and enjoying what is.

Where is your happiness in this moment?



Ooooh, am I feeling it…
Today I feel better than yesterday, yesterday felt better than Monday.
My Labor day consisted of feeling ICKY; headache, tired, lethargic and foggy-headed.

Picture the body like a house, when a house has dust and clutter, it’s not so easy to feel clean, same goes for a healthy body.
Over the spring and summer with traveling, family time and partying. I indulged and had a mind-blowing time doing so.
The weather is cooling and autumn is approaching, I am now in a mode of wanting to clear out the residue.

It’s my fall cleaning.

Cleansing is an important aspect of my spiritual philosophy, I have done many types of cleanses.
When I start a cleanse, it is quite a large undertaking, I like to look at it as though I am in a healing state.
I have also started a 40 day meditation to go along with this, incorporating 4 Kundalini yoga meditations. One for prosperity, health, empowerment, resilience & strength.
I am going to break down the beginning of my cleanse for you, this being a pre-cleanse of about 3 weeks. The more intense cleanse I will be doing afterwards and sharing with you when I do.
This is a short briefing, recipes, more information and detoxing the organs will come in separate posts.

The purpose of this pre-cleanse is to get the body in a more alkaline state with food consumption, so that the cells, systems and organs can properly release toxins without too much detox symptoms.
Meaning, it’s easier to do then some of the more intense cleanses, becoming a lifestyle.

The first thing to go was caffeine, which I had become quite dependent upon.
Headaches and irritability ensued for about 2 days, which I am ok with.
The Chlorogenic acid in black coffee can be good for the liver, and yerba mate is a great enhancer, yet, with what I am doing, the stimulant properties of caffeine detract from cleansing.

Adios caffeine, I love you, but you and I are no longer meant to be……

right now.

This may seem limited, but is actually quite easy once you get the hang of it.

No gluten
No peanuts
No vinegar (except ACV)
No dairy
No soy
No alcohol
No stimulants
No corn (except blue chips)
No sugars (including refined, fruit sugars, agave, and any other type of sweetener, Stevia is the best alternative)

When one cleanses the first few days herxheimer reaction may result, leaving one with flu-like symptoms.
Afterwards energy levels and health will start to drastically improve, leaving all parts of the body thriving.

I make sure to supplement everyday with a multi-vitamin that includes whole foods, Omega 3’s, Spirulina, Iodine, Magnesium, 5,000 mg of vitamin C, B- Complex, Iron. There are several other supplements that can be included, depending on body, blood type and what is being detoxed.

For everything stated below, organic and locally grown is preferred.

A clove of garlic or two every 3 days for medicinal properties. Great article on Garlic.

Oil Pulling and Chelation are very important to rid the body of heavy metals and toxins.

2 shots of Raw Apple Cider vinegar daily.

2 tblsns of extra virgin coconut oil daily.

Grapefruit seed extract


Cayenne on mostly everything

Sea salt


Lemon water, and lemons on veggies (alkalinizing)

info on what is stated above, also more to add to regimen

Superfoods that are not fruits

Drink as much water as possible.
I drink almost a gallon of water a day, sometimes infused with baking soda and sea salt.

Veggies and more veggies, either raw or steamed, sauteed slightly with olive oil or coconut oil and whatever else you prefer.

Seaweed (Wakame, Arame) daily

Beans and Legumes

Fermented foods are beneficial for digestion (Kim Chee, Sauerkraut etc)

Raw Almonds, Raw cashews, Raw hazelnuts.

Avocados & Coconuts have good fats to ingest


Brown rice
Steel cut oats

(At most once a day)
Free range eggs (more runny, lecithin in yolk is good for brain)
Free range chicken

For meals it’s best that grains are not mixed with protein, it should be either one or the other with veggies. The ratio being 1/4 grain to 3/4 veggies, same with the ratio of protein to veggies. For digestive enzymes when eating only eat until 80% full.

In the morning an apple or grapefruit can be eaten for breakfast, when eating fruit try not to consume anything 20 minutes prior to eating, or for 1 hours after eating, fruit mixed with other foods causes fermentation in the stomach.

Bentonite clay once a day

Senna Leaf tea (optional)

Exercise is extremely important not only when cleansing. It helps the body to rid itself of toxins, while raising endorphins, strength and stamina.
I am doing Bikram at least twice a week, on the other days walking for minimum of a mile.

That is all I can muster for today, I will feel better shortly : )

If you have any questions, or for a more personalized regimen, contact me.



A really great book to check out is The Body Ecology Diet by Donna Gates for more thorough information.